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TAS suspends mid-year reporting for Prep to Year 10

Due to disruption caused by COVID-19, the Commonwealth Government has advised that there will be flexibility for 2020 Mid-year reporting. In response, the Tasmanian Government has removed the requirement to report A-E ratings.

It is normally a requirement for Commonwealth funding that schools report twice a year providing A-E ratings.

The government said it is important that teachers maintain communication with parents and carers on their children’s progress and wellbeing.

This means teachers will not be required to produce the usual mid-year report which is being replaced by a requirement for teachers to communicate with parents/carers by the end of July. This can be done through either a telephone or online conversation, or in writing. A summary of the communication will be recorded by the school.

The communication will include the student’s level of achievement in core learning areas and an outline on each student’s wellbeing. It will include communication of next steps in the student’s learning.

Information on reporting will be communicated with parents and students in coming weeks.

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