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Tassie schools to shine as solar scheme gets green light

Tasmanian parents are welcoming election commitment from both major parties to implement a $5 million renewable energy program in the state’s schools.

The Tasmanian Labor announced its election promise for a $5 million Solar Schools Fund, which will enable state schools to install solar panels and reduce their power costs.

The Tasmanian Liberal soon matched that, promising to provide $5 million to deliver a Renewable Energy Schools program that will see solar panels rolled out in all government schools, with all energy savings to be reinvested back into the Renewable Energy Schools Fund.

Hobart mother Madeline Hanson said it was a win for children, because renewable energy in schools will create local jobs, save money on school electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions.

“What’s exciting about this announcement is it shows clear bi-partisan Tasmanian support for sensible renewable energy initiatives,” she said.

Since Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA) launched the Solar Our Schools campaign nationally in July last year, the NSW government has announced a $20m pilot program of solar and batteries in 50 schools acting as virtual power plants.

In addition, in March, WA premier Mark Macgowan, made a pre-election promise of $46m for clean energy in WA schools.

“The Tasmanian election announcement follows suit with the states who are leading the way on renewable energy,” National Director of AP4CA Suzie Brown said.

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