Teachers make a big impact with Little Ripples
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Teachers make a big impact with Little Ripples

The National Careers Institute has once again teamed up with the Career Industry Council of Australia to develop a second suite of ‘Little Ripples’ resources to support the aspirational conversations primary school educators and teachers have with their students. These conversations not only help shape their students’ future career aspirations, but they can also help address biases that children can develop about certain careers. These biases can limit and influence their openness to various career aspirations and potential opportunities.

The positive conversations teachers have with their primary school students can have a ripple effect. Research suggests that children start making subconscious decisions about their future from as young as age seven, which is why it’s important to recognise the important roles teachers play in shaping their students’ futures.

The easy to download and printable eBooks were designed to support primary school educators and teachers start positive conversations with their students. Discussing with children what they are good at now and what they want to be when they grow up, may sound like simple and innocent questions, but contributes to ripples that affect how they see themselves for years to come.

Little Ripples is about raising aspirations, opening doors and showing children the vast range of possibilities available to them.

For more information on Little Ripples, or to download the Little Ripples eBooks toolkit, visit Little moments today can change children’s lives. | Your Career

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