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Teaching made simple with educational software solutions

After a disrupted year in the classroom due to COVID-19, IG3 Education knows the importance of software solutions for teachers to access to their students’ work, at school or online.

IG3 Education has evolved into a leading education solutions specialist company that has delivered cutting edge education and technology programs to schools and kindergartens since 2001.

Today, the company has shifted its focus from designing education solutions software to a full range of interactive hardware and software solutions.

Part of its extensive range of products is IG3 Maths and English software. With a passion for transforming education, IG3 products properly assesses students through its programs.

IG3 Education Chief Executive Officer Tony Church, who has more than 25 years experience in the sector, says the products’ major strengths is their ability to effectively deliver curriculum and online resources.

“Every learning plan is focused on the individual learner, so looking at this kind of solution takes the worry out of making sure everyone is on the same level. The system does it for you,” Church says.

The IG3 Maths software uses an integrated multi-dimensional teaching (IMTA), which is a technology that utilises proprietary intelligent technology algorithms to determine a student’s subject knowledge and foundational level understanding. 

The program provides individualised learning plans for each student based on their multi-dimensional assessment, eliminating the teacher’s struggle to keep up with all the varied learning rates of their students.

“If a student is in Year 6, you can run a full assessment of the student on the entire maths curriculum,” Church explains.

“Based on the requirements for Year 6 maths, it will then go back through all the topic areas and determine the proficiency level the student is at.

“For example, if the student missed the basic concept of common dominators in Year 3, the system will take them back to that level of proficiency and an automated learning plan is prepared. The student will follow that and be brought up to the required level, whilst continuous progress reports are made available to the teacher.”

By aiming to pin-point any learning gaps that the students may have developed over their learning career, the IG3 English system similarly delivers individualised learning within set boundaries.

The teacher can also set specific learning plans for the student.

“The English product follows a similar format to IG3 Maths, where it also assesses the student’s knowledge and proficiency level. However, a key feature is that the system is also able to test students beyond their year level. By doing this you give opportunity for more gifted students to also excel with better resources,” Church says.

Following the recent impacts of COVID-19 on the education system, IG3 Education has seen the growing shift towards online resources in the classroom and a spike in software sales.

The company’s goal is to continue focusing on what it does in education solutions and working towards being more of a software delivery platform.

With hardware becoming more of a commodity and needing to be replaced on a regular basis, Church sees the access to information and online software as the key to education delivery.

“IG3 Education will continue focusing on the education sector and whilst we’ve come a long way, we believe there is still a lot of work to be done,” he says.

“Content that you have available today will change. The key now is to stay on top of it. We have a team of five people who only focus on our education solutions and software site, making sure that it’s up to speed at all times and has the latest versions of security certificates implemented, and ensuring the content remains operable on all platforms.”

IG3 Education takes the stress of teaching away and delivers free basic training for both its hardware and software solutions.

Church takes pride in knowing that the company’s service delivery and training is of a high standard, and critical to ensuring its solutions are effective.

“We have always provided free basic training on our products for schools. We generally do this in face-to-face sessions or online, and we will continue to do that because it is important for us to know that schools are using our products effectively,” he says.

By continuing to provide teachers with structured and comprehensives programs, that is backed by high-quality solutions, IG3 Education is dedicated to advancing its use of different tools to instruct, test, review and teach students.

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