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Teaching with technology, simplified

Hapara’s instructional management suite provides educators using Google Suite for Education with everything they need to create visible, differentiated and focussed learning experiences.

Hapara instructional management tools are designed to help teachers see the most recent student efforts across all Google Suite (G Suite) applications. These tools support collaborative assignments and projects, encourage real time engagement, and highlight student browsing activity. Here we look at some of its key features.

The Hapara Dashboard makes managing learner work in G Suite easy. Teachers can organise learners into groups and observe their progress; quickly share documents with the whole class, with groups or individuals; and provide formative feedback as it’s needed.

Hapara Highlights promotes learning by enabling teachers to view and facilitate online activities in the classroom. This means teachers can see exactly what learners are accessing online. This feature:
• Promotes digital citizenship by reinforcing positive individual and group behaviour;
• Focuses individuals and groups of learners on specific online resources and work;
• Prevents individuals and groups of learners from accessing specific websites;
• Provides more personalised help to keep learners on track; and
• Allows teachers to quickly share links to resources.

Teachers can efficiently create activities with pathways based on learner needs and interests through Hapara Workspace. It enables teachers to create engaging digital lessons to share with learners and fellow teachers. Teachers can also organise learners into groups and customise assignments to meet learner needs; provide feedback on work-in-progress; share resources and tools from the web in one central location; and track learner progress on different activities.

Hapara Analytics provides actionable data about learner engagement, collaboration and device usage, starting with the first day G Suite was implemented.

Through Hapara Analytics, regional and district decision makers are able to view learner engagement and equity; can see what is going well, and uncover areas for improvement; can gain better visibility into learning without the risk of spying on browser activity; and can uncover trends in learner engagement with easy to read graphs and charts.

With Hapara, digital learning becomes visible by empowering educators with the tools that they need to be present with learners working in the cloud.

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