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Tennant: Carpet care for a fast-paced world

Tennant Carpet Care products

In today’s fast-paced society, cleaning is restricted to tight schedules, whatever the day, whenever the time, and this has had a direct impact on cleaning turnaround times.

To deal with these time constraints, the carpet care paradigm has shifted. The focus is no longer on cleaning stains after they occur; rather a proactive approach to maintaining carpet appearance and cleanliness has developed in instead. This involves preventative maintenance measures such as dry vacuuming and interim cleaning with the use of carpet cleaning equipment.

Tennant’s innovative ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology cleans and dries carpets in under 30 minutes. This minimises area closure times and allow for the removal of soils before they become embedded in the carpet fibres. Carpets remain cleaner over time, last longer and extraction is required much less frequently.

Tennant also provides a complete line of vacuums for daily carpet maintenance. Tennant’s vacuums are durable and versatile with heavy-duty, cordless, wet-dry, backpack and wide-area vacuum options available. Most of our vacuums are also available with HEPA filtration systems to maintain indoor air quality and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

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