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Tennant: Floor Care Solutions for Education

At Tennant, we are commonly known in the marketplace for our large industrial scrubbers and sweepers, however we also offer a variety of sustainable cleaning solutions to meet your floor care needs in education. From classrooms and offices through to sporting halls and playgrounds, Tennant provides high performance equipment that can help reduce your cost to clean, enhance your school’s image and improve environmental health and safety for your students, staff and visitors.

Tennant has a comprehensive range of walk-behind and compact ride-on scrubbers to suit most school environments and applications. Tennant scrubbers are also available with innovative ec-H2O™ technology which utilises tap water, removing the need for the daily use of detergents. This also results in no chemical residue left on the floors, significantly reducing slip and fall risks, and eliminates chemical scents to provide a more comfortable learning environment.

As well as large ride-on sweepers, Tennant has a range of smaller walk-behind sweepers perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Equipped with TwinMax™ sweeping technology, all types of debris can be collected including fine dust, leaf matter and litter without the need to change brushes. Tennant’s walk-behind sweepers also work exceptionally well on carpets.

Battery-powered burnishers
Tennant has a range of battery powered walk-behind burnishers that produce high gloss results, without the emissions and noise pollution traditionally associated with burnishing. Tennant’s battery burnishers are the industry’s only walk-behind burnishers with HEPA dust control filtration to maintain indoor air quality. With no emissions and ultra-quiet operation, Tennant’s battery powered burnishers are great for school environments and deliver high performance with maximum efficiency for superior results.

Carpet care
Tennant also provides a complete line of carpet cleaning equipment for daily maintenance and restorative cleaning including vacuums and extractors. Tennant offers a range of backpack and upright vacuums, as well as deep cleaning extractors certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Using these products simultaneously with ReadySpace® significantly extends the life of your carpet and enhances your facility’s image.

Tennant’s ReadySpace® technology cleans and dries carpets in under 30 minutes and gathers soils before they become embedded in the carpet fibres. This means that carpets remain cleaner over time and extraction is required less frequently. ReadySpace® uses 80% less water to clean, and leaves up to 90% less water in the carpet compared to traditional extraction methods.

Tennant’s vacuums are durable and versatile with heavy-duty, cordless, wet-dry, backpack and wide-area vacuum options available. Most of our vacuums are also available with HEPA filtration systems to maintain indoor air quality and provide superior dust control.

To find out more information on how Tennant’s products can be used in your education facility to simplify your cleaning program please contact us:

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