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Tes launches Learning Pathways to give teachers back time to teach

Education solutions provider Tes has unveiled its latest product, ‘Learning Pathways’, a new solution for schools looking to evidence how they are supporting student diversity – a key area for the new version 9.0 curriculum.

Tes said the platform gives teachers an easy way to then adapt or adjust their teaching for each student and ensure an inclusive learning environment.

“Teachers, students, and parents will be able to work together to easily create a learning plan that fits the needs of an individual child, as well as the class,” the company said.

Unveiled at EduTECH last month, Tes said the announcement was met with hundreds of educators registering their interest in preparation for the official launch coming in October.

Tes Australia managing director Mr Brett Engeman said Learning Pathways is going to revolutionise how schools keep on top of Australia’s evolving curriculum no matter what shape or form it could take.

“We’ve built a platform that makes individualised learning plans easy, where teachers can use already built templates and then view progress at a glance, whether for a student, a tutor group, year group, or a whole school,” he said.

“Using this package teachers and schools will know where to focus their resources to give targeted support that will minimise their admin time and maximise their students’ potential.”

Learning Pathways was created with input from local Australian schools to ensure it lined up with the modern Australian education system. It gives teachers in Australia an opportunity to take a holistic approach to their student needs, where a ‘one size fits all’ approach can’t account for the individual needs of a student.

Ms Mary Semaan, head of the junior school and learning support at Al Sadiq College in NSW, said the college has been working with Tes on the project.

“We’ve been supporting Tes in developing Learning Pathways specifically for Australian schools and this tool is a gem. It helps streamline and standardise processes, while continuing to support the diverse needs and adjustments of students at every level through a truly individualised approach,” she said.

Tes said schools and teachers can easily create, monitor and evidence flexible individual learning plans so they can confidently meet the educational needs and interests of a diverse student population. This will allow students to access, participate and progress in their learning as outlined in the V9 curriculum.

“Learning Pathways has been built to remove the complexity and time-consuming nature of individualised learning plans, designed with teachers to be easy to use and cost effective,” the company said.

“It then makes it simple to build student profiles, create reports, view progress, and track individualised special information.”

Tes is also well known for its teacher recruitment service, Tes Job Advertising, designed specifically for schools.

As Tes rolls out the new Learning Pathways solution for schools across Australia, it is also offering 10 free job adverts on its dedicated teacher recruitment platform, Tes Job Advertising.

“With the coming month being a prime time to start attracting candidates, many schools can take advantage of it as a cost-effective way to find their new recruits,” Tes said.

Schools can register interest and find out more about Learning Pathways here. To find out more about Tes Jobs and the terms and conditions of the offer, click here.

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