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The AFL has designed a host of resources to help alleviate time poor teachers

If there was a perfect recipe for a lesson plan, every teacher knows that the list of ingredients would be extensive; from needing to be engaging, age-appropriate, the ability to cater to differing student needs and abilities, consideration of the delivery methods, curriculum-alignment, rich and open-ended tasks and so on. Combining these ingredients to create the perfect lesson, can take hours of preparation, cross-referencing, collaboration with peers and research. The hours of time that teachers simply do not have! 

The AFL has taken the time to do this, so teachers don’t have to. The recipe for success resides in the design of the new well-thought-out lesson plans and modules. These include all the ingredients required to save teachers hours of preparation time and give teachers the confidence to deliver lessons that are of a high quality.

The resources address the Health Strand and the Movement Strand of the Physical Education Curriculum using specific expertise from the AFL. Whether teaching elements of the game itself, skill acquisition or game-sense approaches, footy is perfect to do this.

In addition, there is a strong focus on Cross-Curriculum areas and Priorities: English, Mathematics, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability and as our suite of resources continue to grow, it will eventually span the entire curriculum and delve into Early Years offerings right up to Secondary Schools.

Through deep understanding of the sport, complemented by students’ deep love of the Game, the AFL sees a unique opportunity to provide teachers with resources that will not only deliver on improving student learning outcomes, but give students lessons that they will love.

The AFL understand that we have the upper hand in engaging students; playing sport is fun, but ultimately, the lessons must prescribe effective evidenced-based practices, be aligned to the Curriculum and span many areas of the Curriculum. It should reflect each State and Territories’ reporting requirements and needs.

Assessment tools are also a key focus for the AFL Schools Modules. There should be assessments to measure student learning and growth. So included in the modules are teacher rubrics, linked to the Levels of learning for each Grade and Year Level, again curriculum-aligned. There are also self-assessment tools, accompanying activity sheets and rich, open-ended tasks.

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Free lesson plans, free professional learning for teachers (from self-paced online learning, to opportunities for face-to-face conferences), access to our school shop, in-school and after-school incursions, holiday programs; we want to provide teachers with all the ingredients necessary to bring AFL into the classroom: It’s the perfect recipe for success!

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