The Australian Schools Women’s Leadership Summit - 3 June 2022
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The Australian Schools Women’s Leadership Summit – 3 June 2022

Womens Leadership Summit

The Australian Schools Women’s Leadership Summit will take place as an interactive, online event on Friday 3 June 2022. Bringing together industry leaders with a deep understanding of current challenges and opportunities for women leaders in the education sector. This summit will provide opportunities to be inspired by experts, connect with other school leaders, recharge leadership strategies as well as plan for the future.

The pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on school leaders, who have been on the front lines dealing with unprecedented disruption for over two years. Recent research conducted by The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) shows that maintaining wellbeing and avoiding burnout is a critical issue for school leaders today. The pandemic has increased the pressure on many women who are already taking on extra caring roles both at work and at home.

In Australia, only 40 per cent of principals are women, compared to 62 per cent of teachers. “We know that while the majority of teaching staff are women, most senior leadership positions in schools are held by men. We believe that nurturing the leadership aspirations and capability of emerging women leaders is an important step towards long- term gender equity, and better outcomes for schools, students and their communities,” says Dr Janet Smith, Director of Programs, NESLI.

Ms Suzi Finkelstein, CEO, NESLI, added: “For women in particular, under representation in leadership roles continues to impede career progression. Women are less likely to identify leadership aspirations, less likely to have female mentors and role models, and less likely to receive recognition and rewards that assist with them in gaining promotion. Women are also less likely to have an uninterrupted career path, which disadvantages them in gaining promotion.”

Drawing together respected educators and thought-leaders, the summit aims to celebrate the role of women as leaders and custodians of their school communities, and provide an accessible, psychologically safe, and focused environment that addresses some of the key challenges faced by women leaders in Australian schools.

The summit provides a platform for women to openly discuss issues around gender equity, leadership and career – an important step in increasing awareness and creating change. Increasing visibility of women leaders in education, providing networking opportunities with other women, and delivering practical leadership strategies and frameworks are all key to improving women’s pathways into leadership.

“Ensuring that female teachers are aware of a pathway to leadership in a school environment, inspiring them to pursue leadership and enabling them to be effective, confident school leaders is critical to the success of Australia’s schools,” Smith says. “By partnering with Women & Leadership Australia we are able to bring together the latest in women’s leadership expertise and a deep understanding of current challenges and opportunities for leaders in the education sector,” Finkelstein adds. 

In Australia, only 40 per cent of principals are women, compared to 62 per cent of teachers. Dr Janet Smith, Director of Programs. The full day summit which is a collaboration between the National Excellence in School Leadership Institute (NESLI) and its sister organisation, Women & Leadership Australia, features inspirational keynote presentations, expert workshops, panel discussions, participant breakout sessions and online discussion forums.

Registrations are now open at NESLI supports leadership excellence across the Australian K-12 education system. Established in 2014, NESLI offers responsive and high-quality professional learning programs for school leaders at all levels, including targeted development opportunities for women leaders, and high-profile nation-wide leadership events. Women & Leadership Australia is a national initiative that supports and develops women leaders at every stage of their journey. They believe that advancing gender equity, especially in leadership, is central to creating a more fair and inclusive society.

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