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The Big Sister Experience launches in Australian schools

Big Sister Experience

The Big Sister Experience program have launched in Australian schools.

Girls are struggling with social pressure, self-image, physical health, relationships and confidence. The Big Sister Experience says this all comes down to a lack of empowerment and girls aren’t always given the foothold they need to thrive.

It’s that foothold and the major gap in our education system that The Big Sister Experience is carving out for Aussie girls. The Big Sister Experience founders taught in classrooms, coached, counselled and mentored for years before realising that most girls have the same struggles.

The Big Sister Experience teaches young women about life, equipping them with skills and knowledge that will increase self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience.

“When a girl gains confidence in one area, it tends to catch on in other areas of her life. That’s why we work on forming a foundation that the girls will naturally build on as they exercise their new skills,” says Co-founder Bianca Sciessere.

The Big Sisters guide their group of girls through the program with a focus on mental wellbeing, confidence and self-love. The session is grounded in research and real-life experience but brimming with positivity.

They also lead their “little sisters” through a carefully crafted range of key life skills, from mental resilience through to resume-writing.

“There’s a real need in our education system for life-ed but it seems to have slipped through the cracks. We want to change that and we think empowering young women is a great place to start,” say Co-founder Kritz Sciessere says.

The Big Sister Experience is working towards helping 100,000 girls through their program by 2028.

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