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The building blocks of essential skills for students 

Modern Teaching Aids is proud to have been a supplier of LEGO® Education to schools in Australia for over 10 years, providing hands-on solutions for teaching STEM and 21st century skills.

LEGO® Education’s new tech-free hands-on solution, BricQ Motion, engages primary and secondary students in STEAM learning as they discover physical science in action. BricQ explores the science of forces and motion within a playful sports context while fostering creativity and developing engineering and math skills.  BricQ Essential is targeted at Primary School, while BricQ prime is targeted at High School.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential is aimed at giving primary students the experience of working with elements such as gears, levers, axles and pulleys to plan and conduct investigations in the context of sports. 

Split into two levels, lower and upper primary, students in the younger years use the tool to determine whether design solutions are able to change the speed or direction of an object with a push or a pull.

Modern Teaching Aids Content Manager Cazz Read tells Educations Matters how BricQ can be implemented into the classroom.

“It is a tool that can be introduced in the early years, and then used to grow and develop new skills,” Read explains.

“The whole intention of the product is that you can get the essential kit, and start with lower primary, introducing those physical science concepts. Then you can build on them in upper primary before moving onto the secondary program, which aligns with the LEGO® Education philosophy of a learning continuum.”

This introductory STEAM experience offers two units of  seven to eight standards-aligned lessons, one each for the lower and upper primary grades.

The lessons include everything from videos and printable worksheets that excite and inspire students, through to lesson plans, teacher videos, assessment rubrics and mathematics and language arts extensions tho support teachers.

BricQ Motion Essential offers engaging, sports-themed curriculum units ‘Train to Win’ and ‘Winning with Science’, where students try out new sports, meet sports heroes while exploring key science concepts such as push and pull, forces and patterns of motion.

The set is a 523-piece set that includes four mini-figures and a variety of uncomplicated-build elements.

LEGO designed the colour-coded sorting trays to guide the building process and make it easy for teachers and students to clean up at the end of class.

The set also includes replacement parts and two printed building instructions booklets.

Read emphasises that the new product not only allows more blended learning in the classroom, but opens the door to possibilities beyond the walls of the classroom.

BricQ enables educators to continue delivering STEAM curricula within a playful sports context while driving strong learning outcomes in a blended learning environment.

BricQ is highly-engaging, but also builds valuable skills.

“It has taken the LEGO® Education name and brand that all the kids know and love, and once more implemented theory and education curriculum around it,” says Read.

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