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The classroom imagines a new era of learning

Improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for Australian students requires more than designing a curriculum that meets educational standards. To drive better learning outcomes, it’s necessary for teachers to create engaging classroom material and inspiring lesson plans that ignite curiosity in students and foster a lifelong love of learning.

Imagine a world where the once static classroom has been transformed into a dynamic, interactive, and engaging environment, where teachers effortlessly navigate lesson plans and pull up videos, images and digital content to present while delivering the curriculum. Now, imagine that this modern classroom is a hub of creativity, brainstorming, and collaboration where students are fully engaged and eagerly raise their hands, clamouring for the opportunity to participate in educational activities and curriculum assignments.

This is the modern classroom, and it’s not the near or distant future, it’s possible – and it’s happening right now in schools around Australia.

With the advancement of smart technology, the classroom has transformed the way teachers deliver lessons in recent years and a new era of learning has emerged. As the modern classroom continues to evolve, teachers are discovering that by incorporating multimedia, technology, and interactive learning materials, they have greater ability to increase student engagement.

Samsung enhancing classroom technology

Samsung believes that digitalisation has the power to rethink, reimagine and redefine education by facilitating a connected campus using display technology. And when it comes to creating interactive and engaging learning experiences in the classroom, the Samsung Flip Interactive Display optimises this experience by offering a range of features that can bring lessons to life and seamless integration into the classroom and ultimately, help to improve teacher’s workflows and student learning outcomes.

Students using the Flip Interactive Display to tutor one another.

The Samsung Flip Interactive Display is well-suited for educational environments for several reasons, including its creative and collaborative capabilities; its user-friendly interface; its open-source software platform; it’s high resolution display and powerful built-in speakers; it’s clever built-in tools and templates; it’s safety features and just generally, it’s overall versatility as a teaching tool which lends to streamlined lessons that include digital and multimedia aspects and interactive touch screen options.

Versatile display and sharing options

The Flip Interactive Display includes front panel ports for USB and HDMI connections and support a variety of media formats to allow educators to incorporate multimedia elements into lessons. It allows teachers to import various content types, such as PDFs, images, or videos, and share them on the screen. This flexibility enables educators to incorporate multimedia resources and interactive materials into their lessons, enhancing student engagement and understanding.

The Flip Interactive Display enables teachers to save and share the content created during the class effortlessly. They can quickly export notes, drawings, or recordings to a USB drive or email them to the students. This feature facilitates effective knowledge retention and allows students to review the material outside the classroom.

Smooth and natural writing experience

The Flip Interactive Display allows teachers and students to write, draw, and annotate on the screen using a realistic and intuitive writing tool that provides a pen-to-paper writing experience. The screen pressure has 2,048 touch points and a 26ms latency for smooth, fast, professional art-level precision.

Multi-touch functionality

The Flip is equipped with advanced pen and touch recognition technology, enabling multiple users to write at the same time, encouraging collaboration between students and teachers through learning activities or interactive quizzes, and group work on the screen to encourage students to engage with content together.

High-resolution screen and powerful speakers

The high-resolution display and powerful front and rear speakers are designed to engage students all the way to the back of the classroom and facilitates easy sharing of presentations, videos, and lesson materials.

Compatibility with learning applications

The Flip also supports handy educational applications, such as whiteboarding tools, calendars, schedules, rulers and protractors. These apps allow teachers to create engaging activities, interactive quizzes, or virtual simulations, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Screen mirroring and connectivity

The display allows wireless screen mirroring for streamlined integration with other compatible devices, so teachers can connect their devices, such as laptops or tablets, and project their screens onto the display. This feature enables real-time sharing of content, encouraging active participation from both the teacher and students.

Easy navigation and browsing

The Flip display offers intuitive navigation and browsing capabilities, making it easy for teachers to switch between different applications, documents, or websites during their lessons without any hassle. Teachers can scroll through up to 20 pages, allowing them to present and organise content in a linear manner. This feature is particularly useful for subjects like maths or science where step-by-step explanations are necessary.

The Flip is particularly useful for subjects like maths or science where step-by-step explanations are necessary.

Peace of mind

With hygiene and safety such key considerations in schools, the UL-certified anti-microbial coating and proprietary shatter protection film help offer extra confidence when choosing Samsung.1 Even better news is the screen is easy to clean.

In summary: Key features and benefits

  • Easy to understand user interface with intuitive menu options and settings
  • 26ms latency touch screen writing tool and 2,048 touch points for professional art touch screen pressure
  • Built-on open-source software and multiple connectivity options
  • High-resolution screen
  • Front panel with external USB and HDMI ports
  • Rear handle for easy moving
  • Screen mirroring
  • Powerful front and rear speakers offering 40w sound frequency
  • Screen mirroring and casting capabilities
  • Video conferencing
  • Interactive display
  • A library of how-to videos
  • A dedicated support team
  • 5-Year On-Site Education Warranty

Re-imagining the modern classroom

The combination of interactive features, collaborative capabilities, versatility, and user-friendly design make the Samsung Flip Interactive Display an ideal tool for teaching and learning in educational settings. Furthermore, The Flip provides a versatile and intuitive platform that encourages student engagement, collaboration, and interactive learning, making teaching more interactive and effective.

By embracing connected classroom technology, schools have the power to revolutionise the way students learn and bring new meaning to the art of teaching. With the Samsung Flip Interactive Display as their guide, educators and students can embark on a journey together exploring the endless possibilities that new technology can offer and transform the education landscape for generations to come.

To make life even easier for schools, The Flip and other Samsung products relevant for Education are now also available for purchase from the Samsung Business website, with exclusive education pricing. Ordering add-on accessories, and optional installation, plus accessing technical support, and helpful how-to videos all in the one place has never been easier.

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1. To perform its antibacterial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Silver phosphate glass. Antibacterial property does not protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19. Antimicrobial Coating is on surface of screen only and the effect may vary depending on conditions of use. Antibacterial certification: UL2282 which is granted when the antibacterial effectiveness is more than 99%.  (Test method (JIS Z 2801): after inoculation of 0.4cc of liquid with bacteria (Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) on specimen(5cm x 5cm), a sterilised film (4cm x 4cm) is adhered and left in a thermo-hygrostat with a relative humidity of 90% or more at 35°C for 24 hours, and then the efficiency of killing of the bacteria is measured / Test agency: KOTITI Testing & Research Institute).

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