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The gateway to a rewarding career


When many people think about a career in education, they envision a lifetime of teaching children in a classroom. But if you have a passion for the next generation, a Master of Education can be a gateway to a variety of rewarding careers.

Curriculum development
If you’re driven to improve the quality of education, curriculum development could be for you. Curriculum developers design new courses within educational systems, help teachers to implement curriculum changes, review and recommend educational resources, and advise teachers about new teaching methods and technologies.

Curriculum developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in education, and a master’s degree in education or curriculum and instruction. They will have extensive experience in classroom teaching, expertise in a subject area, strong research skills, and excellent communication skills.

Best of all, careers in curriculum development are expected to grow, especially as Australia focuses on improving its global ranking in educational outcomes.

Leadership and management

Perhaps you’d like to use your expertise to make a large-scale difference to educational outcomes. A Master of Education can position you for a leadership role. With experience, classroom teachers often move into managing subjects, year levels, school departments, or a whole school. Principals have the opportunity to consult with other stakeholders, such as school boards and committees, to set the direction of a school and drive a vision to fruition.
Beyond the school environment, federal and state government departments need advice from education experts for designing education policy and reform. In this arena, you have an opportunity to make a difference on a national level.

Adult education
When you’d like to move out of the school system, the burgeoning field of adult education provides a plethora of opportunities. Statistics from the ABS show that in the 12 months to April 2013, 46 per cent of Australian adults participated in some form of learning. Where there’s a topic, no matter how peculiar, there’ll be someone who wants to learn about it.

Opportunities to work in adult education exist in TAFE colleges, private training institutions, and community training organisations. Corporations and government departments have an ongoing need to train their staff, and a degree in education makes you ideal for providing that training.
If you love working with young people, an education qualification is a great start. A Master of Education can jettison you beyond the classroom and into a variety of satisfying careers where you get to make a real difference in people’s’ lives.
About the Master of Education from Curtin University

The Master of Education provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your professional and personal development and better position you for career advancement and educational leadership. The Master of Education offer three key areas of study:
• science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education
• language and literacy
• advanced knowledge in pedagogies.
The Master of Education help teachers explore how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) can be applied in schools, what a STEM curriculum might look like, and ways to facilitate teaching and learning that is effective across all phases of schooling.

Curtin University has specialised expertise in this area since the Science and Mathematics Education Centre merged with the School of Education. Students benefit from the input of high-level academics, including Professor Barry Fraser and Professor David Treagust, into the content and development of STEM units in the Masters course.

The language and literacy units develop understanding about what it means to teach in diverse communities or to teach people from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive teaching methods are explored.

Students will have access to the brains trust of experts such as Senior Professor Rod Ellis who joins the School of Education team in 2017. He is a world renowned applied linguistics expert.

Advanced knowledge in pedagogies explores the methods and practice of teaching.

“One of the most important facts that can influence a child’s engagement and achievement at school is teachers,” says Dr Brad Gobby, Master of Education course coordinator.

“What teachers do in a classroom matters.”

This unit examines effective ways to teach, how the local context can influence and change the way you teach and methods and feedback to improve your teaching practice.
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Take the next step and advance your career with the Master of Education from Curtin University.

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