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The humble school locker keeps kids safe in the COVID world and beyond

School lockers have a role to play in school safety according to leading school locker supplier, Premier Lockers.

Jim McAlinden, Director of Premier Lockers says that lockers serve many purposes beyond just storing items, and that they can play an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic for hygiene purposes. As well as hygiene, lockers have a role to play in providing security of valuable items, maintaining privacy, lightening the load on student’s shoulders, and reducing distraction.

“One simple way to promote good hygiene in the school environment is by reducing the number of items that enter the classroom from outside environments. Even after we move on from the pandemic, responsible hygiene practices will remain a key focus for schools and the wider community,” said McAlinden.

“As state governments around the nation are instituting mobile phone bans in the classroom, schools need to supply secure quality school lockers to ensure that these valuable devices are safe.

“And it goes beyond mobile phones. Students are carrying tablets, laptops, sports equipment, musical instruments, and other valuable personal items, and it’s more important than ever when it comes to keeping cases of theft and damage to a minimum.

“Ultimately, investing in student lockers helps to prevent the unfortunate and often stressful situations that occur when expensive items go missing – so it’s well worth making the upfront investment in return for happier students, teachers and parents,” added McAlinden.

“As well as security, privacy is something that students also value. The concept of privacy teaches students about mutual respect, defines value in their belongings, and builds trust by giving them access to a space that’s theirs alone. A locker plays an essential role in guaranteeing privacy by creating a place in schools where students can house their personal belongings, rather than having them out in the open,” said McAlinden.

The provision of lockers also contributes to the musculoskeletal health of students. Numerous studies have documented the effects of spinal, shoulder and neck pain, and the effect on their gait from school-age kids lugging around heavy bags,

“For students carrying particularly heavy loads including textbooks and electronic devices, on top of their everyday possessions, the strain of this collective weight can contribute to back pain and discomfort. Lightening the load allows students to focus on their studies without the distraction of physical discomfort or pain.

“Providing learners with a personal space to stow heavy textbooks and electronic items away when they aren’t needed marks a significant step towards taking the weight off their shoulders and, therefore, preventing unnecessary back pain,” said McAlinden.

One of the key reasons mobile phones have been banned by some Australian state governments is the distraction they cause. This can also be attributed to other possessions.

“For many children, it’s not an option to leave their phone at home because they are used to communicate with parents before and after school but given mobile phones are often high-value items the schools need to provide quality lockers.

“Where lockers are not provided, students effectively have no choice but to take them with them into the classroom, ultimately leading to distraction,” concluded McAlinden.

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