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The ultimate thermoplastic playground markings

At Project Playgrounds our aim is to encourage outdoor activity by making the school playground a vibrant, stimulating, educational and fun place to be.

New to the Australian market, but bought over from the UK where it has been installed in well over 700 schools, our product is without a doubt the future of playground markings.

Made from thermoplastic, the designs are initially cut out and then applied to concrete, bitumen, tarmac surfaces using heat to bond the thermoplastic with the ground.

Our thermoplastic markings require no maintenance – therefore saving your school money – and will become a capital investment for your school.

We can start applying our markings at the first bell and by lunch time the children can play! There is no need to wait till school holidays or wait for paint to dry, rendering your playground useless.

Far superior to paint, our vibrant markings bring to life any dull concrete surface and renew the look of your school.

The key feature of thermoplastic is its durability. Our markings are long lasting – they don’t fade and will last as long as the surface they are put on.

In addition, our markings are safe, non-toxic, UV stable and have anti slip properties – unlike paint which becomes extremely dangerous in wet weather when it is old and peeling.

We have all the traditional designs but can also create bespoke markings such as school logos or any other unique design.

The results are stunning and will delight your students! They are a hit with both students and teachers and our numeracy and literacy focused markings allow the classroom to be taken outside.

Give your children the playground they deserve and give us a call! 1800 264 307 or email us at for further information.



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