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The wait is over for 2019 HSC results


Approximately 75,000 students across NSW have received their 2019 HSC results, which were released on Tuesday 17 December.

Over 1449 students received the highly accomplished All Round Achievers Award, and 790 students were identified as Top Achievers for earning results in the highest band.

“Congratulations to the 1449 students who received the All Rounder Achievers award this year, for scoring in the highest band in at least 10 units of study. A further 790 students received Top Achievers and 17,123 on the Distinguished Achievers List,” said NSW Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell.

With 2019 HSC results now out, she said students across the state should be very proud of themselves. “Regardless of their results, they have come to the end of a very challenging year and now it is time to start thinking about what lies ahead,” she said.

“Whether you are heading off to vocational training or university, or plan to travel or work, the opportunities that the HSC affords you here, and around the world, are endless.”

She continued, “Whilst it is inevitable some of you may not have had the result you hoped for today, there are a number of different pathways available now to help you reach your goals.”

In 2019, Year 12 students sat a total of 123 exams, including the examination of 17 new syllabuses in English, Mathematics and Science.

“Completing your HSC is an incredible milestone and I wish you all the best for life after school, as you take all that you have learnt with you onto your next chapter,” Ms Mitchell said. “The world is your oyster.”

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