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Too busy to consider a Masters? Think again

Education professionals who want to enhance their competitiveness or change their careers can now do so at one of the nation’s leading education faculties, but with the added benefit of greatly improved flexibility.

QUT’s Master of Education offers intensive real world learning with a range of diverse and current study areas, combined with the flexibility to study at your own pace and with the support of QUT staff.

The QUT course offers the chance to specialise in one or more of 13 study areas – as wide-ranging as Leadership and Management, School Guidance and Counselling, Teacher-Librarianship, Early Childhood, ICT, TESOL, Inclusive Education, Literacy and Career Development. This range of specialisations makes the course well suited to teachers, non-school educators, administrators and education policy developers.

In developing the course, QUT staff recognised that educators have a busy schedule that limits their ability to work within a restrictive study structure. QUT’s Master of Education not only has a large online component to allow participants to study when and where they wish, but also offers the opportunity to align their study to their own work situations.

With a rich heritage based on excellence in teacher training and research, QUT’s Faculty of Education courses are regularly reviewed to keep them highly relevant. Lecturers maintain close links with education practice, and the international reputation of the faculty puts graduates in an excellent position when it comes to securing roles at higher levels of the education sector.

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