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Touchscreens – Welcome to the future


Guy Monty from The Future Tech Co. explains why touchscreens? And why now?

Touch technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the last decade and with it so has our use of personal technologies such smartphones and tablets. It is the fact that we spend such considerable time engaged with these devices, which has many experts in human behaviour proclaiming the human brain itself is transforming the way it processes and learns information. It seems that not only has technology been evolving rapidly, but so are we.

The sensation of fluidity felt when interacting with touchscreens renders the technology virtually invisible, as if it were simply an extension of ourselves. Simply put, it seems this is instinctively how we would prefer to engage with all technology where content is created or controlled. Anything short of this feels frustrating.

In classroom environments, in order to achieve the best outcomes when problem solving, communicating ideas or inspiring others, it is especially paramount technology be natural to use and on our side as opposed to difficult to use and in the way of free flowing thoughts. Up to now there has not been an elegant solution to address this.

Enter large-format touchscreens, also known as Integrated Flat Panels. They provide the same advanced humancomputer interaction to PC and Mac environments that we enjoy using on touch-based personal devices. Simply connect a PC and the control is instantly transported to your fingertips. Mac computers require pre-installation of a driver, with some models allowing the same gesturing experience as using the Mac trackpad, being ideal for multi-platform schools.

Around the globe many forward thinking educational institutions are making their classrooms of today ready for tomorrow by replacing the dated, and soon-to-be obsolete, interactive whiteboard systems with touchscreens which offer the latest connectivity, high definition resolutions as well as being rated for at least 50,000 hours use. The world’s leading audiovisual manufacturers have also ramped up their focus in this area, investing their advanced R&D and manufacturing resources to produce leading-edge products, built to the highest commercial grade standards, at affordable prices. What was once a price prohibitive dream purchase for many schools can now be a reality without the need to gamble with purchasing generic brands.

Touchscreens are here to stay. Schools who choose to start making the switch get to immediately enjoy the benefits of increased student engagement and collaboration, as well as being freed from the frustrations that come with owning interactive whiteboards such as slow start-up, shadowing, beam glare, light interference, constant re-calibration, image degradation; not to mention expensive installation, occasional downtime and on-going costs that come with replacing lamps, replacing projectors and servicing.


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