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Visual excellence and peace of mind



The new Hitachi Ultra Short Throw LCD Projectors are here, featuring class-leading performance and visual excellence thanks to a host of all-new features. What’s more, it comes with a class-leading three years’ on-site warranty*.

The new projectors have the capability to provide vivid, eye-popping images in bright classrooms and meeting rooms, bringing greater impact and better class engagement.

Because Hitachi’s image processing technology enhances high-definition video and graphics, beautiful and stimulating images can be presented with their impact intact, without losing the colour information of the original image. Projecting high-definition in rooms of all types from small classrooms and meeting spaces to lecture halls and large meeting rooms.

Bright rooms are no longer a problem

Bright rooms present no problem to image quality. When average projectors are used in bright rooms, the darker colours of an image deteriorate and images become unclear. But with Hitachi’s HIGH DYNAMIC CONTRAST RANGE (HDCR) feature, blurred images caused by ambient room lighting or outside light sources are corrected and an effect similar to increasing contrast occurs. The result is clear images even in bright rooms!

The ACCENTUALIZER feature makes images look more real by enhancing (1) Shade, (2) Sharpness and (3) Gloss, to make pictures as clear as images on a flat panel device. The effects of the three levels can be adjusted according to your surroundings so that the colours of the projected images match the true colours of the objects they represent.

Easy to use in any location

• Front use

In multifunction spaces, meeting rooms and other places where wall or ceiling mounting isn’t practical you can place the projector on a desk or on the floor to quickly and easily project an image of 60 to 80 (2m) inches.

• Wall mount use

The wall mount unit (HAS-WN03X) option ensures that the projector can be installed in exactly the right position. The entire unit slides horizontally, and fine adjustments can be made to each axis independently.

• Tabletop use

The optional tabletop use kit (TT-03) option allows the projector to be used vertically. You can project a 1.5m (60”) image down onto a table.

Ultra Short Throw, for ultra-close performance

The projectors feature Ultra Short Throw, for projecting a 2m (80 inches) image from a very close 51.7cm (20.4inches), onto a wall or screen. A very economical use of classroom space.

Reduced glare and shadows, for a better experience

Ultra Short Throw greatly reduces glare from the projector’s light source, making it easier for the teacher to see the class. The class also has a clearer view because the shadows from the teacher’s hands and body are minimised. The result is a better classroom experience for everyone!

Powered Focus and Perfect Fit

POWERED FOCUS and PERFECT FIT features let you adjust the four corners and four sides of the projected image quickly and easily, using the hand held remote control.

2 HDMI input

The projectors are equipped with two terminals for the widely used interface.

16W internal speaker

A speaker and microphone terminal allow you to make comfortably make presentations using content with sound, or using a microphone.

Versatile and adaptable networking features

Wireless capability is an option

Connect to a computer using the optional USB wireless adaptor.

Easy WLAN connection

Searches available wireless networks and displays the list of SSIDs when used in Infrastructure mode. You just select an ISDD connection from the list.

Convenient networking

Manage and control multiple projectors over your LAN with Centralised Reporting, Scheduling, Email Alerts, and My Image (Image Transfer).

Smart device control

Plugging the USB wireless adapter to the projector and using the dedicated free online application developed by Hitachi lets projectors be controlled from a tablet or smartphone.

Moderator control mode

Setting one computer from the multiple computers (up to 50) that are connected to the projector as the moderator (host), make it possible for the moderator to project from all the computers.

ECO features that save energy

Saver mode

• Reduces projector lamp brightness and energy consumption on static pictures.

• Can darken the screen temporarily, so a teacher can gain the attention of the class while they speak.

Intelligent ECO mode

Changes the brightness of the lamp according to the brightness of the image. When a darker image is projected, less energy is used, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

The A-Series Ultra Short Throw range. A projector for every class and every application.






Give your students the best learning experience – insist on Hitachi Ultra Short Throw projectors!


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