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Watch your students Bloum

Progressive educators around Australia are keen to understand student progress in the wider context, including wellbeing and overall growth, not just raw assessment results. Bloum is an award-winning growth platform that helps schools, teachers and students track student learning journeys base on individual progress.

Bloum is a student growth platform that aims to stop students falling through the cracks providing the optimum holistic approach to information management with a unique focus on student wellbeing. The system can be set up for different levels of privacy and accessibility to suit the school’s requirements. The Bloum platform automatically interprets learning and wellbeing data to create a full picture of every student’s journey. Bloum is unique, in that it gives a holistic view of student growth by combining academic and attendance data, and assessment and wellbeing frameworks.

The platform takes in information from various sources, including NAPLAN, ACER PAT and Allwell tests, internal school assessments, attendance, and wellbeing data. By seamlessly combining all this information stakeholders can see a clear picture of each student’s overall learning over time.

“Bloum has really changed the way we use data, allowing us to have richer discussions with our students in regard to their performance,” says Victor Dalla-Vecchia, ICT Manager and Teacher, Loyala College.


A recent study by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) highlighted that wellbeing is crucial to academic achievement, and wellbeing programs can support and accelerate students’ learning.

A unique feature of Bloum is that students can undertake their own wellbeing check in. By rating their current feelings as positive, negative or neutral across wellbeing areas such as, body image, relationships, identity and culture and their feelings of being valued, loved and safe. The wellbeing domains used are based on ARACY’s (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) Nest Framework. The Nest Framework was facilitated by ARACY in collaboration with BHP (Bupa Health Foundation) after evidence showed that Australian children and youth were lagging behind across key international health and wellbeing indicators. The Bloum platform identifies students requiring intervention as well as allowing students to easily request help from a staff member of their choice.

“Bloum has given visibility into the capabilities of our students allowing us to better direct them in their learning journey,” says Brendan Hallinan, Deputy Principal, Catholic Regional College, North Keilor.

View wellbeing, teaching and learning insights in one place with Bloum.


School leaders and managers can few the data from any level – including whole of school, by year group, class or individual, as well as over varying time periods.

“Bloum has allowed us to acknowledge and monitor learning concerns and trends. Learning profiles of our students are easily accessible and provide teaching staff another resource to further improve student growth and achievement by tapping into Bloum’s ability to track progress over time,” says Suzanne Pola, Deputy Principal, Loyola College.

Monitor wellbeing patterns and trends across time.


  • 2021 Homegrown ISV Award winner for the Tech Innovation category at the ARN Innovation Awards.
  • Understand every student’s journey, find suggested interventions for their specific needs, and track the impact of teacher support.
  • Access correlated results from your LMS, NAPLAN, ACER PAT, Allwell and student wellbeing to make more informed decisions.
  • Engage students and parents by showing them the correlation between achievement, attendance and wellbeing using the Student Overview functionality.
  • View Wellbeing insights and Teaching and Learning insights in one place.
  • Bloum is a robust platform that ingests data from multiple sources. Whether through an API or a CSV upload, Bloum will be able to seamlessly consolidate all your school data. Bloum enables educators to make more informed decisions that unlock every student’s full potential.

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This article was originally published in Education Matters Secondary Magazine – to read the issue download it here. 

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