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What is Sentral Education?

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Schools educate and nurture our most precious resource. We make great software that helps schools to provide the very best education for every single child in their care.

A Complete School Information System

Sentral School and Student Management software is a suite of interrelated modules, accessible on Internet enabled devices. Web-based and fully scalable, Sentral provides flexibility and ease of use. Sentral 2016 offers:

  • A complete end-to-end package including enrolments, finance and student management functions; and
  • A fully multi-tenant enterprise solution suitable for groups or school systems.

Staff have ready access to relevant data that informs teaching and learning as well as student and school administration, through a comprehensive suite of thirty six modules organised in eight categories. Integrated data reduces redundancy and replication, saving staff valuable time and making it available to all that need it. The student and parent portals also provide 24/7 information.

Sentral consists of a broad range of ‘modules’ each designed to handle all the data and functions related to a specific area of school administration. As a modular system, each of those can be turned on or off or replaced by an external system using a variety of integration points.

The Sentral solution addresses the data demands of today and into the future.

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