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What works best to improve student outcomes

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A new practical guide, produced by the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE), aims to help teachers implement effective teaching practices that evidence shows is what works best to improve student educational outcomes.

The ‘What works best in practice’ resource includes strategies, case studies and reflection questions on the following eight themes known to improve students’ school experience:

  • high expectations
  • explicit teaching
  • effective feedback
  • use of data to inform practice
  • assessment
  • classroom management
  • wellbeing
  • collaboration.

This practical guide supports the recently released ‘What works best: 2020 update’ report which outlines the latest research and data on the eight themes.

CESE’s relieving Executive Director Sally Egan said the resources provide teachers with a sound evidence base on quality educational practices that can be used to underpin teaching and learning.

“Students are at the centre of the work we do. Focusing on the eight themes, including high expectations, feedback and wellbeing, are essential in supporting our students through their education journey and their learning trajectory,” she said.

“By providing teachers with the latest research and evidence-based practices, outlined in the ‘What works best’ resources, we can assist them as they guide students to achieve academic success.”

The case studies in the practical guide showcase how NSW public schools are using these strategies to improve student outcomes.

“With the research, strategies and case studies found in the guide and research report, teachers can discern the best ways to use these practices in their own school contexts,” Ms Egan said.

CESE is part of the NSW Department of Education.

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