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Willplay invites schools to explore new outdoor play opportunities


WillPlay, an Australian manufacturer located in Bundaberg, Australia, is thrilled to announce the release of its new Product Catalogue – Issue #7 . With their commitment to home-grown, in-house design and manufacturing, WillPlay introduces fresh elements into its play ranges while giving popular ranges a fresh, exciting overhaul.

Revitalised ranges

The updates promise to provide more fun and exciting play options. The modern PlayPark Range now offers state-of-the-art features, and the Giant Treehouse Range integrates imaginative design with robust construction. The Goliath Tower Range impresses with its towering structure and challenging elements. To provide personalised play areas, the Bespoke Range holds a special place with its adaptive designs. The Boxie Climb Range and Giant Tunnel Range make play a thrilling, infinitely variable adventure.

Redefining fun and adventure

Committed to continuous improvement, WillPlay has revamped several beloved ranges. The whimsical Treehouse Range returns with an even more captivating allure. The Street Climber Range seamlessly blends geometric fun with thrilling playtime. Experience a sensory adventure with the reinvented Sand and Water Play Range, while the Urban Warrior Range offers dynamic, modern play elements. And lastly, the Bounce Mat Range promises a lively, safe bouncing experience.

Explosion of colours

A colourful revolution has rolled into WillPlay. Its expanded Colour Ranges give architects, schools and community planners even more choices when selecting play equipment that fits flawlessly into their design aesthetics. This enhancement in material colours underlines WillPlay’s commitment to cultivating play spaces that are as visually engaging as they are fun.

Truly Australian

As a family-owned, locally operated company, WillPlay takes immense pride in their Australian roots. Every phase of their process, from design to manufacturing, is conducted in Bundaberg. Their newly released Issue #7 Product Catalogue reflects this strong commitment to providing high-quality, resilient, and enjoyable play equipment for Australian families and communities.

The arrival of the Issue #7 Product Catalogue signals a renewed adventure in play, moulded by the high-quality, imaginative designs that WillPlay prioritises. Moreover, the complete start-to-finish product offering includes installation, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Embrace the world of adventure within WillPlay’s Issue #7 Product Catalogue. Australian-made and passionately crafted, WillPlay sets the stage for unforgettable moments of play, learning, and wonder.

To view a copy of Willplay’s Issue #7 Catalogue, go here. 

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