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WillPlay launches Trio of Fitness outdoor equipment

WillPlay has introduced its innovative Trio of Fitness outdoor equipment, designed to cater to every aspect of a student’s fitness regime.

It features an extensive variety of dynamic elements in the cardio and strength ranges, and a static core range for simplicity and functionality.

The cardio range utilises magnetic resistance.

The cardio range, the first pillar of our fitness trio, includes an exercise bike, cross trainer, sit down exercise bike, and arm trainer. Instrumental in enhancing cardiovascular health, all pieces utilise magnetic resistance – a feature that ensures an incredibly smooth, quiet exercising experience by substantially reducing noise and vibrations during workouts.

Furthermore, each piece of equipment comes with a phone rest, allowing students to securely place their devices during workouts, whether it’s for monitoring progress with an app or keeping themselves entertained.

The strength range brings the concept of versatility to life. Accommodating 14 different pieces of equipment, it provides the flexibility of having a single activity per post or combining back-to-back activities on one post. The strength range makes an all-encompassing workout not just achievable, but also enjoyable, by utilising limited space efficiently.

The strength range utilises limited space efficiently.

The core range, the final element of WillPlay’s fitness trio, features 17 core systems – each a unique blend of diverse exercise activities. Each system is meticulously arranged and combined in numerous ways, presenting a vast selection of distinctive exercise systems. This degree of adaptability caters to a diverse range of student preferences, ensuring a highly engaging and facilitated exercise experience for all.

WillPlay’s Trio of Fitness – cardio, strength, and core – gives students a full spectrum of exercises, fostering an efficient, engaging, and comprehensive workout environment where accessibility meets versatility.

Manufactured in Australia, featuring extensive use of aluminium, stainless steel and composites, WillPlay’s range leads the way in quality and product life-cycle.

“At WillPlay, we’re not just about promoting an active lifestyle; we also prioritise safety, ensuring our equipment meets the rigorous Australian Standards. Elevate your school’s fitness solutions, and let WillPlay’s Trio of Fitness guide your journey,” the company said.

WillPlay’s equipment is strictly compliant with Australian Standard AS16630:2021.

View the Trio of Fitness range here.

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