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WillPlay’s roadmap to designing your school’s ultimate playground

Unleash the power of play and learning with WillPlay’s comprehensive guide to planning, designing, and installing the ideal playground for your school community.


Planning is the first and foundational step in creating your dream playground. It’s about defining the intention of the play area – is it for recreational activities, physical fitness, educational purposes, or a combination of all these?

Grasp the unique needs of the students and the broader school community to tailor a playground that satisfies your requirements. Consider factors such as the age range, interests, and abilities of the users.

You will also need to identify the available space and resources within the school grounds. WillPlay offers a wide range of playground designs and equipment that can inspire and provide possible options for your play area.

A WillPlay playground at Thebeban State School in Queensland.


Budgeting is a crucial step in which you estimate the cost of materials, equipment, and labour required for the project. WillPlay can assist in providing a comprehensive estimate based on your specifics and budget limits. Additionally, you should explore funding options and grants to cover expenses. Another important factor to consider is long-term maintenance and sustainability costs.


The design phase involves sketching a preliminary layout for the area with a WillPlay representative. In line with safety regulations and accessibility standards, WillPlay ensures that all play equipment is safe, reliable, and adheres to Australian Standards.

Given different age groups will be using the playground, make sure the design incorporates age-appropriate and inclusive features. Engaging with students, teachers, and other stakeholders will assist in fine-tuning the design to meet your needs.


WillPlay is your one-stop playground solution provider. WillPlay proudly fabricates all of our equipment at our manufacturing facility located in Bundaberg, Queensland. Our skilled team handles every aspect of production, from assembling ropes and operating CNC routers to managing our roto moulding oven and final assembly.

A WillPlay playground in Palm Park.


The installation process involves preparing the project site, coordinating with contractors and suppliers, supervising the construction process, and conducting safety inspections upon completion. All of these are taken care of by WillPlay’s installation team, ensuring adherence to safety regulations and smooth operations.

Safety and ongoing maintenance

Safety and ongoing maintenance include implementing regular inspection schedules for play equipment and surrounding areas. WillPlay helps the school meet required standards by providing comprehensive use instruction and maintenance requirements. It’s also imperative to train staff and volunteers on safety protocols, establish guidelines for proper use and supervision of the play area, and regularly assess potential hazards or repairs.

For more information, visit https://www.willplay.com.au/willplayplaygroundinspiration

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