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World Maths Day: Registrations open for global online maths competition

World Maths Day

World Maths Day – the world’s largest online maths competition – returns on the 8th of March this year. Registrations are now open and teachers and educators are encouraged to register their Mathletes for a chance to flex their numerical muscles.

World Maths Day dates back to 2007. Since then, it has grown into a global phenomenon, uniting the world in numbers. Hosted by the ed tech mavericks at 3P Learning and powered by award-winning online maths program Mathletics, World Maths Day is an all-inclusive, free event that is open to schools anywhere in the world.

In the 16 years since the event started, more than 10 million students have answered in excess of one billion maths questions and the event is showing no signs of slowing with over 10,000 schools spanning 150 countries expected to participate this year.

“We’re delighted to be celebrating our sixteenth year of the World Maths Day global challenge,” says Mathletics Chief Product Officer at 3P Learning, Ms Katy Pike. “World Maths Day has become a competition that students around the world look forward to each year.”

Ms Pike continues: “Maths isn’t just about numbers – maths skills are skills for life. Math allows students to develop their reasoning abilities, creativity, abstract and spatial thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. And World Maths Day provides a platform that encourages students to engage with maths in a fun way.”

World Maths Day allows students to test their skills and compete against other students from around the world in a series of 20 one-minute Mathletics challenge questions that happen live online.

The goal of each participant is to get as many questions correct as possible within one minute. The student who successfully answers the most challenge questions will be crowned the winning mathlete. Winners are awarded prizes and trophies, but students will also be able to participate in a host of other fun activities that celebrate the wonderful world of numbers.

In Australia, 100,000 students are expected to participate in World Maths Day.

World Maths Day – Event details

Time: World Maths Day is on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. The event ends 48 hours after it starts to account for global time differences.

Participant details: Students log into Mathletics and compete against peers from around the world in 20 one-minute challenges. The goal is simple: get as many questions correct as you can within one minute and be crowned the winning mathlete!
Every correct answer is worth 1 point towards a student’s score. Students strike out early if they answer three questions incorrectly. The Live Mathletics levels that a student must play depend on a student’s registered year group.
Students, depending on their registered year level, will progress through 20 challenges from 2-6 different difficulty levels. Students and schools can participate whenever they like throughout the 48 hours but only the first 20 challenges (60 seconds each) count towards their point score.

An online Hall of Fame will track points throughout the competition with prizes to be awarded to the top students and schools. Trophies will be awarded to the Top Scoring School across all year group categories. Trophies will also be awarded to the Top Scoring Students in each year group category.

How do schools register?

Mathletics-subscribed schools are already registered to compete! For non-subscribed schools, registrations are open now. Sign up at It’s free to register.

About 3P Learning

3P Learning is a global market leader in EdTech programs for mathematics, reading, writing, and assessment. Since the launch of Mathletics in 2005, their multi-award-winning programs have been used by over 20 million children in 179 countries around the world.

The key to 3P Learning’s success is simple – they are passionate about creating better ways for children to learn. They create positive learning experiences that make a real difference in the lives of students, educators, and parents. By harnessing the best elements of online learning, 3P Learning provides engaging, motivational, and rewarding programs that teach essential academic skills and create lifelong learners. Learning is made fun, playful, and most of all, successful.

3P Learning’s suite of learning solutions includes their flagship products Mathletics and Reading Eggs, as well as Mathseeds, Writing Legends, and Brightpath Progress.

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