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World’s Greatest Shave 2020 School Challenge


The Leukaemia Foundation is calling on schools across the nation to register for its World’s Greatest Shave 2020 School Challenge, giving students the opportunity to come together and raise funds to support those living with blood cancer.

Now in its 22nd year, World’s Greatest Shave has become an iconic Australian charity event, embraced by hundreds of primary and secondary schools across Australia.

The campaign rallies students and school staff to sign up to shave or colour their hair to help support the 41 Australians diagnosed with blood cancer each day.

Prizes will be up for grabs for the schools that raise the most money for the World’s Greatest Shave, allowing students to compete while supporting the Leukaemia Foundation’s newest goal – to see zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

The State of the Nation: Blood Cancer in Australia report predicts that by 2035, 275,000 Australians will be living with blood cancer – more than double the number of people battling these diseases today. It also predicts that up to 186,000 people may die as a result of blood cancer over the next 16 years.

“Generations of Aussies have grown up with memories of shaving and colouring their hair for this beloved Australian fundraising event, and we are looking forward to again supporting thousands of students, school teachers and principals through their World’s Greatest Shave journey,” said Alex Struthers, Leukaemia Foundation General Manager, Supporters.

“Unfortunately, most Australians are touched by cancer. Everyone who signs up to World’s Greatest Shave feels a sense of solidarity with the people they are helping, not only by sacrificing their hair but by fundraising too. I’m always touched and amazed by how many students, both male and female, will shave to support a school mate who might be fighting blood cancer.”

According to a new report recently released by the Leukaemia Foundation, blood cancer is more significant and prevalent than ever before, and diagnosis rates are on the rise across Australia.

Blood cancer, specifically leukaemia and lymphoma, are still the most commonly diagnosed cancers in children aged under 14.

“The act of shaving their head gives participating students an emotional connection with those who have no choice to lose their hair following their cancer treatment,” Ms Struthers added.

The World’s Greatest Shave 2020 Schools Challenge will take place between 11-15 March 2020, however schools can participate in the fundraising initiative at any time of the year.

The Leukaemia Foundation provides participating schools with all the tools they need to begin their fundraising.

Schools can sign up to the World’s Greatest Shave by clicking here.

For more information, please visit the World’s Greatest Shave website.

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